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About Us

Eco Furniture Design is a furniture store & supplier based in South Africa that specializes in lifestyle furniture & décor incorporating three critical elements in their designs to create stylish, high quality solid wooden furniture that is both functional and affordable.


Items are all locally made using sustainable raw materials and eco-friendly paints and finishes.We can accommodate both individual requests as well as large and bulk orders.

From the inception of a simple idea, every sought-after piece we’ve produced has had to meet all three requirements: Client’s specific needs, sustainable raw materials, and design functionality.The result? A stunning range of affordable, high-quality furniture, and an abundance of satisfied customers. Our concepts embrace a blend of rustic and contemporary styles, which are truly enhanced by our passion to work closely with clients on custom designs that suit their exacting requirements.

Fall in love with a piece from our ever growing collection, or we can work together to design and build bespoke furniture that will live in your home forever.

Our sustainably sourced timbers include Blackwood, Salina, Oregon Pine, SA Pine, various reclaimed timber, Yellowwood, Cape Holly, Stinkwood, Rosewood and Cottonwood. We can also incorporate steel, glass and upholstered elements on request.

Our products are versatile and we are suppliers to restaurants , hotels , offices , schools and homes across South Africa and beyond. We have completed some amazing and successful large projects for hotels and lodges in Mozambique and Namibia.We also donate to needy causes and establishments who cannot afford to purchase certain items.

Please make sure to view our website galleries – as not all of the items in our range are as yet on the standard product pages.

We are constantly participating in various training courses which further develop the skills of our carpenters and also the continuously evolving design aspect of the business.

Our goal is to encourage people to contribute to sustainable living in all environments whether in the home or workplace while still being able to purchase an individually inspired quality piece.  Another one of our ideals is to encourage individuals and organisations to purchase locally made products thereby supporting local job creation and industry.

Furthermore , we are committed to employing semi and unskilled individuals who are naturally talented and interested in carpentry and slowly introduce them to carpentry and make them part of our team – please see our team page for some amazing success stories

Should you not find what you need from our standard range we can design and custom make each individually requested item to fit your space and style perfectly.

Our talented staff will work with you to design and build your furniture in a manner that brings out your personal style. Whether you come to us with a complete vision or looking for inspiration , we are here to help.

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